Welcome to Nyx

A fully charged dining experience with live music, entertainment and DJ till late

Nyx – The Goddess of Night

Nyx was the personification of night and was so ancient and powerful that even mighty Zeus was afraid to cross her!

We bow to the mighty Nyx and invite you to enjoy a night of great food, entertainment and music at your table all fit for a Greek God!

Premier Dining and Entertainment

A unique Showclub that offers an immersive dining experience. Enjoy a beautifully curated three course meal while being dazzled by our vocalists, showgirls, aerial and burlesque artists. 

A 2 hour captivating show starting at 8pm every Friday and Saturday evening after which a spell is cast by Nyx the goddess of night and you will enjoy the magic of music from our resident and guest DJs until your carriages at midnight. 

You can expect every one of your senses tantalised- smells and tastes of our modern Greek dishes, luxury cocktails and champagne; hypnotised by our spinning showgirls and flashing lights; and captivated by the powerful vocals of our singers and club mixes into the night.

There will be flashing lights and loud music but most importantly, lots of fun!!

Enjoy Our Exquisite Drink Menus

Come to our bar and enjoy carefully crafted drinks in a welcoming atmosphere. We offer a selection of top wines from around the world, perfect for wine connoisseurs. Our cocktails are made by skilled mixologists, showcasing a range of flavours and spirits, served with creativity and passion. For special moments, we recommend our premium champagne menu featuring the best and most renowned brands.

Yiamas Chiller

Nyx comes into her own at night, so be extravagant and indulge yourself in fine champagne. Ask to visit the Yiamas wine chiller where we have a range of amazing wine, tequila and champagne chilled and ready to pour. We offer various entertainment packages so please ask for further details and make it a night fit for a Goddess!!!

Club Nyx Essex

First we eat, then we party! Enjoy a delicious dinner, 2 hours of live entertainment from 8pm, followed by a DJ until midnight. Book now and get ready to dance the night away!

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